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"The Church in Crisis"

"The Church in Crisis"

Is the Church ready for the rapture?


It’s time for us to realize that Christ isn't coming after a dead church. He isn't coming after a cold, lukewarm, weak church. He is coming after a virgin whose lamp is filled with oil, with that lamp's wick properly trimmed, and that lamp burning brightly. Christ is looking for the same kind of church that He left when He ascended to the Father; A powerful church. A pure church. A praying church. A giving church. A church casting out devils.
Where is the power of God? Where is the glory of God? Where are the signs, wonders, and miracles of God? What is causing the decline of the church? Will God restore His church before the coming of the Lord?


The Church in Crisis answers these questions and more. If your church is in a crisis, this book is a must-have resource.

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