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Ghost of Revivals Past

Ghost of Revivals Past

“The only hope for revival is for someone to catch the vision of a lost generation going to hell, and decide to do something about it.” ~ K. G. Morris

By studying the success and failure of past revivals, Ghost of Revivals Past identifies true revival, exposes false imitations and clearly shows the difference between the two, stirring the reader’s heart to seek and participate in soul-saving revival.


Featuring the ministries of: Smith Wigglesworth D. L. Moody Charles Finney John Alexander Dowie Billy Sunday Johnathan Edwards Gayle Jackson Evan Roberts Jack Coe William J. Seymour John G. Lake and others.


~~~Excerpt~~~ The objective of this work is to identify true revival, expose false imitations of revival, and to clearly show the difference between the two. Producing a genuine revival in these last days and stirring hearts to find and participate in true revival is the sole reason for this book. ~ Kenneth G Morris. Manifestations Emotionalism and sensationalism are the signs of revival many look for. The stirring of the inner emotions of an individual causing a peculiar movement of the body or body parts is the goal of many who minister in the services. Great stock and importance are placed on these manifestations even to the point of satisfaction, although the person or persons being ministered to are not saved, healed, or delivered. Such expressions as, “he shouted” or “she was slain in the Spirit,” are often repeated as proof that the fire of God has fallen, and a great refreshing has come. It is true that in the midst of a real outpouring of the Spirit, emotions will run high as the emotions are stirred by the spirit, but if emotionalism brought revival or was a sign of revival then the ball stadium would be the place to be. Sensationalism and psychic phenomenon such as passing out or losing one’s sense of place and time are often present where the spirit of God is moving and should be accepted as a genuine mark of blessing. However, these alone cannot be the basis by which we identify revival as long as these same things are happening at rock concerts and in country music halls throughout the land. If someone screaming or passing out is the objective, then many of the world's performers have achieved that objective. Truth As long as the church exists in this world, there will be: • the real and the unreal • the true and the untrue • the genuine and the false • the working of God • the workings of Satan. Revival and a counterfeit of revival will be around until the church is raptured. Responsibility to know the difference and to embrace the true while rejecting the false rests, with the church. Counterfeits are made to resemble the true article as much as possible for the sake of deception. It is a simple thing to see clearly the religious counterfeits of the past. History and time have proved them false. Persons and movements that were not of God have come to naught. The present is a different story. The convenience of knowing the end results of the many and varied movements that confront this generation is not available. History can be read. The future must be experienced. Today's future is tomorrow's past. Only one opportunity is given to live any one day. No day has ever existed twice. When it is gone, it is gone. The clock of time cannot be turned back. A day lived with deceit is lost forever. Therefore, it is extremely important to know the truth. Ability to discern the spirits of this world and to be able to execute righteous judgment is not an option. It is a necessity. Narrow mindedness leads to disaster by causing a denial of everything. Broad mindedness leads to trouble by accepting everything that comes along. Both of these will hinder the soul. The prayer of every person desirous of real revival should be to become broad minded enough to accept truth and narrow minded enough to reject error.

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